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How to make a quill pen.

What is a nib, and where do I get them?

'Pleasure Unwoven' by Dr. Kevin McCauley
Understanding the Neuroscience of Addiction

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Help and education regarding substance addiction.

A great location to find all things pen, as well as up coming events.

You are welcome to submit a proposal for a video page on this site.

          If you have a video, and want to share it with others, go to my Contact Us page and let me know what you have in mind.
          If you have a Youtube channel, a website, just want to muck around with a page, or expand your exposure, contact me; we can discuss it.
          If you are not experienced, or insecure regarding your skill and knowledge with words, and meanings, page layout, or having an online presence, I will be happy to help you with that until we are both satisfy that we can go forward with your page.
          Consider a page that you can use to upload videos and comments for your friends and family that is private; only you and I will know the link.  Only you will be able to share its address with trusted friends and family.  I will not be responsible for the content, or any legal issues that might arise, and will delete the page if it is used for anything untoward.  If the link falls into hands that you do not want having it, email me, we can quickly change the address.  We will see how things go regarding private and public pages.  Nothing will be deleted without discussion; unless it is illegal, dangerous, or envolves one of the intolerable items listed below.
          I offer the two center columns with two ads in each column that you can monetized for your benefit; if not used, I will add my own ads after discussing it with you.  You can add as many links in your article columns as you want, but they are subject to my approval.  I have no tolerance for slander, smut, pornography, or any rant that is not in keeping with the general purpose of this site.
          I will offer additional pages as we build a relationship.
          Be it commercial, hobby, private, or a curiosity to learn hands on, ThePenandQuill.com is here for you.

BTW: If in the future, I can't keep up with the demand, and have to start charging for pages, those of you who were onboard with free page or pages will never be charged.  Warnings, and consequences mentioned regarding slander, smut, pornography, or any rant that is not in keeping with the general purpose of this site, will always be enforced.

I hope to hear form you,

Anthony Ballatore


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